Monday, 17 September 2012

The journey starts.

How is the journey going to start? This is a question that have made me think, because there could be so many varieties of how the story can start. Usually in fantasy novels the main character is usually a country boy/girl or a city boy/girl, and this is something that I have been thinking about how to address. I wanted to create something unique. I wanted him to be a city boy, but not an ordinary city boy, I wanted him to have grown up there, but for some reason he had to leave and live in the country, and then rediscover the city. But how could I do this in a natural way?

The idea I will be using is that the first transaction from city to country life happened before the setting off the book, but that we will discover in the story through the character how this transpired. That when he was young he left the city (for some reason) and that he then lived for some years at a farm, until he decide that he once again want to get back to the city.
My question is then; Why does he want to get back to the country and the city hes originally from?

Friday, 14 September 2012

The beginning of the project

To form a project I figured that I would have a lot of things to figure out. Like what kind of world, what kind of people where there, and perhaps most important of all, what should thrive the story ahead? I can't give out to much information about the clue of the story here, but some information might find its way.

To start with I am listing up all the possible direction the story can take, like creating several possible events, scenarios, goals, characters and much more.
This leads me to a lot of questions like the question in the last post. As an answer to the last post question I figured that the lead character should be able to use magic and should know it from the first time he manage to use it, and that it should be the first magic that have been seen in the world of which the story takes place. There will also be a lot of other questions that will have an impact on the story, and that’s why I also ask some of the questions here, to see what great ideas other might have, even if I don’t get any responses at all i will still have my own ideas that I might go with. Which leads me to the next question, should there be several races in this world and what might these be?

Monday, 10 September 2012

So what is my project?

As the tittle say "What is my first project?". That's perhaps the first question anyone visiting this site must ask themselves.
Well I don’t really know myself, because there is so many project i wish i could do, like creating a blog, creating an application for a smart phone, create a game, a book, music, movies, and so much more.

Well even if I do figure out which one of these i would like to dedicate my time with I would still have the problem of coming up with a genius idea for an app, or a story for a book/movie, and face it, that’s a hassle.
Why is it a hassle? That’s because when i sit down and think of and idea I usually think of things that already exists or that's way beyond my ability to create. But I do get ideas, well sort of; The times i get the best ideas are usually when I have no possibility to document them, for example on the buss in the morning while I listen to the same song for the 110th time or when I'm walking almost daydreaming with the same song (or one of the other songs I have heard on the same distance for the 110th time), and last, but not least when I have turned off every electronic device, lied down in my bed and trying to sleep.Well you might say that when you then got the idea turn on the computer or get a notebook and start writing it down. That's a valid idea, but when I finally sit there ready to type it down on my laptop, I have already forgot the idea, so I turn it of again and repeat the pattern to no success.

The fact is that I have already gained some ideas that I would like to discuss, but there are some problems in this that needs to be solved. The main idea is to create a book or at least a short novel I can enjoy reading myself (not a new Harry Potter, or a second Lord of the Rings book, but something of my own). The problem in making up a story, but no matter hard you try, it have already been done one way or another before. But that’s a fact that evolves all others as well, and that's when I see i have the possibility to describe it in a new way, and create a new universe that either are so much different from those already made or at least one that doesn’t borrow things from just one other universe, but several.
Lets go back to the project at hand. Which now have evolved in to a story not based on the modern world or any other world, but its own world. It will be a fantasy world, but after that's decided the problems start. How many heroes, or any at all? My idea is to have one person that the story should mainly focus on and this person should know magic (what fantasy world don't have magic?). But the main question in this post is, does the character know how to use his magic from the start, is it something that comes to him, does he need training? To simplify the question: How does the character know magic?